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FUTURICE | Tampere Tampere
Apply now!
Mighty Tammerforce is recruiting!
Can you sing or play something?
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Would you like to be a part of an award winning work culture?
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Does your name happen to be Ilkka?
Really none of these things matter.
We just want the best talent to join us.
Hello internet stranger! We are Tammerforce and this is our crib!


The Futuriceans working in Tampere are called Tammerforce. In Tammerforce we have a very special team spirit which encourages everyone to take actions to make the working environment and life in general better. If you get an idea to do something, just do it and ask your colleagues to join, you won’t be doing it alone. In Tampere office we have about 50 people at the moment.

Take a Hike!

Futurice is an international company. We have offices in Helsinki, Tampere, Stockholm, London, Berlin and Munich. In those offices we have 29 nationalities. When joining Tammerforce you will be a part of the international crew. Your home base is in Tampere, but you will have a great opportunity to work in an international team at one of our offices abroad.

The projects at other sites vary from couple of weeks long consulting gigs to longer, three to six month projects. If you wish to try how it feels to work in another office just take a Futuhike there for a week, company pays the bill. Relocating abroad is also possible.

Interested in finding out how we do the magic?

Designing World Class Services

In Tammerforce we do highly ambitious, world class projects. The winning K-ruoka app team is at our Tampere office and it has been designed and developed here from the beginning. We need experts in every field, back-end front-end, project management and design. The technologies we use the most are (but not limited to): Node.js, React, Scala, Swift, Heroku & AWS.

Check out our current open positions

Open Positions

Who are we? Read more about us.

Encounter Emmi

Emmi joined Futurice in 2016. After three years of studying at the university she finally gained enough courage and applied for a job at Futurice. Only a few months later she began her software developer career as a summer trainee. After the summer, just like many other Futuriceans who started as summer trainees, she was chosen to stay in the company.

Right from the start Emmi learned that Futurice was indeed a very different kind of company with many amazing perks. What she appreciates most of all is all the freedom and trust Futurice gives to its employees. One of the best things about Futurice in her opinion is the positive and dedicated atmosphere that is always present in the office.

Currently Emmi works as a front-end developer and although she has been in the company only for a few months, she has already finished her first project and learned more than she could have expected. She receives a bucketload of encouragement and support from her colleagues and happily welcomes new members to join this awesome family!

This is Tuomo

Tuomo joined Futurice in 2011. His friends Antti and Riku had good things to say about the company and encouraged him to apply. It’s a decision he hasn’t had any reason to regret and a mere two months after joining the company, Futurice was celebrating the first Great Place to Work award in Finland, with many others to come.

Tuomo started as a project manager with a UX twist and was able to combine his strengths from both sides. By nature, Tuomo has always sought awesome opportunities to organize special SWAT-projects to inspire his colleagues, so Team Building and Culture Hacking were obvious tools to add to his toolbox, too.

Hats that have at various times graced his head also include IT and office maintenance stuff at Futurice’s Tampere site. After focusing on developing his Service Design skills, he was offered a chance to take the IT team lead role and test his wings as a supervisor. So now he is expanding his team building activities to the company level.

Tuomo appreciates the amount of different career path opportunities Futurice offers and how much power an individual employee has over the course of that path. If one path is not enough, create a few more!

Meet Mike

Mike joined Futurice in 2009, after a lucky random encounter on his Twitter timeline. He was the seventh person at the Tampere office, and its first web developer in a merry bunch of hard-core mobile craftsmen. Having gathered a few years of working experience, but hungry to learn more, Futurice felt like the perfect place for an insatiable sponge like him.

Futurice saw promise in Mike, gave him freedom and responsibility (it's the same with everybody, to be honest), and lovely things have happened ever since. Mike graduated, spent a year in Berlin, became a dad, sang in a rock band in front of 1500 friends and customers, interviewed many of his colleagues-to-be, and first-hand witnessed Futurice become the Europe's best workplace. Most importantly, he learned to the basics of foosball, and to enjoy black coffee.

In his current role as a developer-director-handyman, Mike gets to combine his passion for creating awesome software with his quest to help people become better at what they love.

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